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Microsoft SQL Server

Marxware has chosen Microsoft SQL Server as the database platform for most custom applications. By most we mean any application that warrants more storage than can be comfortable stored in an Access or FoxPro database. Although these two databases are fine for smaller applications, when storage, security, redundancy and availability issues arise, Microsoft SQL Server is the go to database of choice.

The server software has many versions which fits the need of small applications and scales to the enterprise level with mirroring, clustering and replication.

Following are a few features we consider when selecting Microsoft SQL Server.

Scalability There are free versions with 10GB database size limitations and enterprise versions which can store terabytes of information. Start with the free version, and when you grow out of it, upgrade to a more robust version without losing a step.
Security The database itself is not readable doing a file dump and has its own built in user security to limit access.
Industry Standard There are many third party reporting tools which can be used to report the information in the database.
Transactions Transactions are a way to group updates so if an update fails, all associated updates are backed out. What this means to you is that the database stays in sync and eliminates this type of corruption.
Visual Studio Integration Tight integration with Microsoft Visual Studio and the .NET Framework streamlines development and debugging of data-driven applications. Developers can build database objects, such as stored procedures, using any .NET language and can seamlessly debug across .NET and Transact-SQL (TSQL) languages.
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