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Our goal at Marxware is to provide our clients with timely computer and application support in an efficient and cost-effective manner.   We take preventative measures, like installing upgrades of anti-virus software and making sure that all your business applications are current.   Our computer support services covers Windows-based computers, Microsoft servers, printers, scanners, mobile phones, and networking devices such as switches and routers.

If needed, we can diagnose computer problems and then repair or replace computer parts when they go bad such as optical drives, disks, memory sticks and power supplies.   When required we can connect to your desktop or server to install software, diagnose problems or to work with you on an application issue.   We will also recommend if a computer or a printer is worth repairing or replacing.   After a hardware or software installation we will also take the time to answer questions that your employees have with the computer or the application.

At Marxware we deliver our services in a friendly, upfront manner.   We resolve your computer issues and then take the time to explain what occurred and then provide advice on how you can prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.   Depending on the problem we can work remotely or be on-site to resolve the issue.   When we are working remotely we are using products like Microsoft's RDP, Radmin, Logmein or Marxware Connect.

So whatever your Support requirements, contact Marxware Computing Services, it makes good business sense.   Marxware wants to be your partner to ensure your information systems run smooth and efficient so you can spend more time focused on growing the business and achieving your revenue goals.

By clicking on the graphic to the left you will be directed to the Marxware Support web page.   When you get to the support page you will see a support request that we have created for you.   Once you select the "Join" button, you will be asked if you wish to run the application to which you need to reply "Run".   At that point we will be able to control your computer as though we were sitting in front of it.